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Bedding producer in exciting packaging redesign

21 January 2013

EQUESTRIAN bedding producer Plevin has unveiled new packaging for its market-leading Snowflake and Woodpecker brands.

The revamped packaging now includes Plevin's contact details and the newly launched interactive website.

Plevin group sales manager Colin Smith said. "The thinking behind the re-design was to freshen up the visual look of our packaging and bring it in line with our corporate image"

"Previously, the packaging we used for our respected Snowflake and Woodpecker products did not mention Plevin at all."

"These brands are now so popular we felt it important to ensure customers know exactly who makes them. They're a key part of our family of brands so we've ensured our name, web address and phone number are now clearly visible."

"We're so confident about thier quality thet we've even included an invitation for customers to rate our products on line."

Plevin employess 150 people across five UK sites. It collects, processes and distributes 600,000 tonnes of wood a year. Its Snowflake and Woodpecker bedding is 100 per cent softwood, dust extracted and manufactured to the highest possible standard.

Plevin supplies bedding to some of he UK's most prestigious equestrian shows, including the recent Longines Royal International Horse Show and Plevin British Showjumping Scope Festival.

Other customers include major supermarkets and large-scale pet wholesalers, as well as some of the UK's largest agricultutal outlets.