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Hazlehead biomass processing plant reopens

27 March 2015

Our Hazlehead, Sheffield site which turns waste wood into biomass fuel is now fully open after an eight month programme to make essential improvements. The site processes waste wood into biomass fuel which is then used for energy recovery.

The decision was taken to close the site in June last year to make essential improvements to the storage and management of waste wood. Non-recyclable waste wood which is being diverted from landfill, is being both stored and processed at the site into biomass fuel.

Working alongside both the Environment Agency (EA) and South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, we have reduced the volumes of wood stored on site. Existing wood stacks have reduced in height and volume and breaks in-between each have been increased to minimise the risk of incidents.

Whilst further improvements are continuing, both the EA and ourselves are satisfied that the site is able to reopen to customers and begin to take in additional waste wood. Waste wood typically comes from civic amenity sites and skip, demolition and construction companies.

Although in decline, accoring to a Defra report, an estimated 700,000t of waste wood is sent to landfill each year*. Once being considered to have no value, this figure is now declining as more waste wood is being diverted from landfill into energy recovery.

After a significant investment in a state of the art processing plant, the site is the sole supplier of biomass fuel for the new E:on renewable energy plant at Tinsley, Sheffield. The energy produced from this plant is expected to generate enough energy to provide power for around 40,000 homes.  

We will continue to work closely with the Environment Agency on further improvements and would like to thank the Environment Agency, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, customers, residents and other stakeholders for their patience and understanding during this time.


*Source DEFRA report into waste wood restrictions in England call for evidence, February 2013