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Investing in cleaner, greener haulage

12 January 2015

Here at Plevin, we have been investing in greener, more environmentally friendly ways of transporting our biomass fuel by road.

Ten new trailers have been purchased with an overall capacity of 150cu yards, an increase of 25% on our existing trailers which means that that we can deliver larger loads. This reduces the overall number of journeys that we need to make to deliver our biomass fuel to the customer. And less lorry journeys made means that as a company we are reducing our carbon footprint though a decrease in harmful emissions. As we are all aware, carbon emissions are a significant contributing factor towards global warming.

As an additional initiative, we have invested in fuel efficiency driver training for our team of haulage drivers. To support this, all of our vehicles are now fitted with telematics to help us monitor fuel efficiency and driver compliance.