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Plevin Boosts Delivery Service

23 May 2012

Wood recycling firm Plevin is celebrating the arrival of a delivery vehicle that will offer significant benefits to poultry bedding customers.

The company’s all-new moving floor blower trailer will take Plevin’s highly regarded delivery service to the next level.

Group sales manager Colin Smith said: “We are delighted to confirm that we are now offering customers in the poultry sector the facility of a moving floor blower trailer for deliveries of our woodfibre woodchip base / set-up bedding.

“We understand the importance of bio-security within the poultry industry. The new blow trailer will enhance the cleanliness and bio-security of our products even further, as the bedding can be blown directly into sheds.

“Our woodfibre poultry bedding is produced to the highest specification, and with our complete delivered price package we are offering some extremely competitive prices.”

Plevin is one of the UK’s leading wood processing and recycling companies, and employs 150 people across five sites. Its head office is based in Tameside, Greater Manchester.

The company manufactures a range of sustainable wood-based products from virgin and waste wood materials, including bedding for the equestrian and domestic pet market as well as the poultry market.  

Article Update - 04/01/2019