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'Plevin News' from our Hazlehead site

7 October 2014

Our Hazlehead, Sheffield site is the largest wood recycling depot in the UK. Over the last few months, the site has been undergoing a series of developments and a bespoke wood recycling plant has undergone the final stages of commissioning.

In this first edition, find out how we are minimising the risk of fire and making improvements to on site drainage which will mitigate any concerns with run off water. Our second fire engine is now on site and fully equipped to tackle incidents with additional employees now been trained on fire management. 

Ever wondered how waste wood is manufactured into biomass fuel? Then take a look at a schematic which follows the stages taken to turn the waste wood into a fuel. A bespoke wood recycling plant has been commissioned and built by Vecoplan. With the capacity to process up to 80 tonnes of wood per hour, the plant is the most quickest and efficient in the country.

We are continuously looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and have recently purchased new trailers. These have a 25% load capacity on our existing trailers which not only reduces the overall number of deliveries of biomass fuel made each day, but reduces fuel consumption. 

To find out more about what has been happening at the site, click on the link  below to the newsletter:

Hazlehead Depot - Issue 1