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See one of our bedding products in action!

16 December 2020

It's not often we talk about our products on this website but we are so delighted with this unprompted review of our Snowflake Equine Wood Pellets on You Tube that we thought it was worth a share.

Snowflake wood pellets are made from UK sourced 100% virgin softwood. The wood is compressed to form a pellet with nothing else added to them.

Wood pellets make a lovely, warm fluffy bed that is very absorbent. They can absorb up to three times their volume in water, and they lock in odours too. The pellets are fully biodegradable and rot down quickly on the muck heap into a rich compost.

Shadow the Unicorn clearly agrees and we are delighed all the horses on this yard are now using Snowflake wood pellets. Thank you for sharing your experience of our bedding!