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Statement issued to the BBC

25 February 2013

Plevin have issued a statement to the BBC in response to recent transmissions, Jamie Plevin, managing director of Plevin, said: “Plevin’s environmental responsibilities are paramount to its whole operation.

“As a family firm that has been operating here since 1995, we take our responsibilities to the local community extremely seriously and continually strive to engage with residents over any concerns they may have.

“We operate within the law in a heavily regulated industry. In-depth air quality monitoring recently completed by the Environment Agency has confirmed that there has been no breach of the air quality standards in the locality that can be attributed to Plevin’s operations.

 “We believe it is unfair of the BBC to put the spotlight on Plevin in a general debate about World Health Organisation air quality monitoring standards.

“Furthermore we feel it is highly unprofessional to base its story on the unfounded and unproven health claims of a small local action group with other agendas.

“We would point to the fact that the NHS for Tameside and Glossop has found no evidence to suggest an abnormal recorded prevalence of respiratory problems within the Mossley area.

“Furthermore, both the Health Protection Agency and the Primary Care Trust have confirmed that no medical professionals have ever expressed any health concerns in relation to wood dust.

“As a responsible company and employer that operates within the law, we are extremely disappointed that the BBC is trying to tarnish our reputation in this way.

“Plevin’s employs 71 people at its wood recycling plant on Cheshire Street, 56 of whom live within 10 miles of the site.

“Plevin’s provides an invaluable environmental service to the north west region by recycling unwanted waste wood into useable products that would otherwise go to landfill.

“We are continually making new investments and recently invested a considerable amount of money in an acoustic barrier to further improve noise reduction. We are constantly striving to be a good neighbor and our door is always open to residents keen to pro-actively engage with us.

We sincerely hope that the negative focus that will be placed on Mossley as a result of the sensationalised views of a minority action group will not tarnish the village’s reputation, nor that of the honest and upstanding local folk.”