Plevin UK Sites


Home of our equine, small pet, poultry and agricultural animal bedding products. 

The site was purchased from the Osbourne family in 2002. And since then, significant investment has since been made to the site which is now a highly efficient and modern processing facility.

Our investment has included;  

2003 - Installation of a fully automated woodshavings baling line for the equestrian and poultry markets
2004 - Installation of a fully automated sawdust baling line for the dairy cattle market
2005 - Woodpecker brand purchased as part of our strategy for growth in the equestrian market
2006 - Installation of a fully automated baling plant for the small animal sector

It is at this site that we manufacture our Snowflake branded equine and small pet wood based bedding products. We also manufacture sawdust and wood shavings both baled and bulk for the poultry and agricultural animal bedding markets.