Plevin UK Sites


Home of our biomass wood fuel processing and manufacturing.

In May 2013, we made our largest site acquisition since our purchase of the Elkesley site in 2001. We acquired a 50 acre site from the Dutch owned UK subsidiary of Wavin in Hazlehead which is close to the city of Sheffield, South Yorkshire. At this site, we manufacture biomass wood chip fuel from wood that is unsuitable for recycling and would otherwise have been sent to landfill. Since our aquisition, significant investment has been made at the sit to develop it into our biomass hub.

The biomass wood fuel that we manufacture is for use in the energy sector. Wood fuels produced from our sites go to E.ON UK as the sole suppliers to their Blackburn Meadows Biomass renewable Energy Plant in Tinsley, Sheffield. At this site, enough energy is produced to generate up to 30MW of energy. That is enough to provide power for up to 40,000 homes! Biomass Plants such as these displace carbon emissions in comparison to burning traditional fossil fuels such as coal and gas making it better for the environment too!

Investment has been made in a bespoke state-of-the-art plant that can process up to 80 tonnes of waste wood into biomass wood chip every hour. This makes the plant one of the fastest and most efficient processors of biomass wood fuel in the county.