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Animal Bedding

We are the name behind Snowflake Animal Bedding.

We are the name behind one of the largest and most recognised equestrian and small animal brands in the UK - Snowflake Animal Bedding.

Our Snowflake range is available from agricultural outlets, corn and feed merchants, your local high street stores and supermarkets. We have a proven reputation for producing high-quality, sustainable products for animals and pets, from cats to cattle, hamster to horse.

Under the Plevin brand, we are one of the UK’s largest poultry and cattle bedding manufacturer, offering a direct service to ensure continued supplies throughout the year. As the manufacturer, we can offer the complete package from base bedding to top-up bales in a variety of delivery methods tailored to your specific needs.

We realise that our customers want the very best. That’s why we are determined to offer quality products at  competitive prices.

For more information on these products, visit our dedicated products site plevinproducts, contact us directly on 01457 838444 or email